Whenever an individual decides to travel to their favorite destination, they want their trip to be hassle free and stress free. None of us would want to do anything which will make our trip full of worries. But as all of us are aware that mistakes and changes are the part of human life, so it is possible that an individual makes a mistake while booking their trip. 

This is why it is important that an individual choose the right airline for their air trip. One such airline which is considered most reliable is southwest airline. People rely on this airline because they caters to the needs of all kinds of Flyers. Furthermore, they are there to help you with all the queries that you come across.  One of the things that people look to change in their bookings is related to the name.

Sometimes people have to change the name because they entered the wrong name by mistake and other times it may be due to situations like divorce or marriage etc. If you are the flyer of Southwest Airlines and you’re looking for a complete guide on the name change then this is the right place for you. Here you will find all the information regarding Name Change With Southwest Airlines, it’s cost and other things too. 

Before we find out any other information related to the name change, let us first find out all about the policy of name change said by Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Tickets Name Change Policy

One of the most asked question by the flyers is Can you change the name on a Southwest Airline ticket? Answer of this question is yes. An individual can make the changes to the name. Each airline set up the policy for different things. This is because existence of such policies makes the functioning much easier. So, if you have to make changes in the name of southwest booking then it is important that you have complete information about this policy. Through the points given below you will find detailed information on this policy-

  • According to the name change policy of Southwest Airlines an individual cannot transfer the ticket to another person’s name. This means that individual cannot I didn’t transfer the existing PNR to any other person. 
  • Furthermore, when an individual decides to change the name on the ticket, they have to pay set by southwest airline for the name change. 
  • In addition to this one cannot change the name on the ticket if they are the rapid reward members. And in this case one need to contact the team of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Moreover, an individual who have made the bookings with the other partners, they are not eligible for requesting the name change with Southwest Airlines. One can only apply for name change if they are flying through the southwest airlines. 
  • One of the most important part of the name change policy is that the passenger needs to select and choose the new seeds for themselves after the name change. A passenger cannot raise the issue of getting the same seat after the name change.  

Process of Name Change with southwest airlines

After knowing about the name change policy of Southwest Airlines, people look for information about its procedure too. If one is aware about the name change policy and do not know about the complete procedure of changing the name then that information is of no use. To make the name change process easy for all the passengers there are very simple steps that the Flyers need to follow. So, find out about the procedure of Name Change with southwest airlines here-

  • Firstly, start by visiting the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Once the official site of Southwest Airlines opens on your device, you need to select the option of manage booking on the home page. 
  • Furthermore, when you click the manage booking option, you will find a link for change reservation. When you will click this option, you need to enter your last name in addition to your booking number. As soon as you will enter this information you will see the flight details on your screen. 
  • Now continue by selecting the option of “change” in this step. When you will click the option of change, you will become eligible to make the changes of your choice to your bookings. 
  • Moreover, now click on the option of change to make the modifications on your bookings.  
  • Once you make the required changes in the name make sure you save all those changes in this step. Furthermore, remember that one is eligible to make the changes only in four characters of the name ask for the Southwest airlines name change policy
  • As soon as you make the changes, you need to pay the name change fee set by this airline for the successful change in the booking name. 

Lastly when all the above-mentioned steps are followed properly, southwest airline will send them the ticket why are the registered email. 

Offline way of name change-

In addition to the above-mentioned online method of changing the name, there is yet another way that Southwest Airlines offer to all its Flyers. This is the offline way said by Southwest Airlines for the Flyers who are not very well aware of the online method. So even if you are one such flyer who does not know how to follow the online method of name change you can easily make the changes by using the phone number given by Southwest Airlines. 

An individual does not have to put in a lot of efforts for the name change. All you need to do is get in touch with the travel expert at Southwest Airlines and ask them to make the required changes in the name. Furthermore, travel representative will help you in completing the whole process of name change and making your travel hassle free. 

What about Southwest airlines change middle name on ticket?

After knowing about the policy of Southwest Airlines of name change, people are very confused with the changes in the middle name. If you are an individual who you want to know about the middle name change then here is all the information that will help you. 

Furthermore, if you want change the middle name on your booking, then one can change or correct up to four characters of the name. Also remember that this rule is applicable for both first and last name.

How do I change my last name on my Southwest Rapid Rewards?

The process of changing the last name on the southwest rapid rewards might be a little complicated. But there is nothing to worry as the team of Southwest Airlines will assist you in finishing the whole process in no time. furthermore, there are various ways which one can follow if they are willing to change the last name on the rapid rewards. Let us have a look at those methods one by one.

  • Calling

Firstly, the method which the Flyers can use for the change in the last name is by using the Southwest Airlines Reservations phone number. Once you use the phone number to contact the travel representatives of southwest airline, you can present your query in front of them. When you get in touch with the travel expert they will explain you all about the procedure and other related terms and conditions for the name change in rapid rewards. 

  • Through fax 

Furthermore, fax is another method set by Southwest Airlines for the last name change. when you decide to choose the option of fax, remember there are some important documents which you need to send to the team of Southwest Airlines. 

Here is the list of those documents which one need to fax- 

  • Present name of the flyer 
  • Name which you want to update on your rapid reward account 
  • Your phone number 
  • Rapid reward number 
  • Lastly the copy of your old and new ID (government id).  
  • Mail

Lastly, people can use the method of mail for completing this procedure. Go ahead to drop a mail mentioned on the official site of Southwest Airlines. Moreover, mail is one of the easiest methods which an individual can use for completing this process. Furthermore, one need to send the similar documents as mentioned above when they choose this method. As soon as the team will receive the documents mentioned in the above list, they will start with the procedure of last name change in rapid rewards. 

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How much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket Southwest?

No matter where we are flying via Southwest Airlines, fees or charges matter a lot. This is because no one will want to pay a huge amount for changing the name on their booking. Furthermore, it even effects the budget of an individual. So, keeping everything in mind Southwest Airlines set up the change fee which all kinds of passengers can afford. 

If an individual request for the name change within 24 hours of making the reservation, they will have to pay the name change fee varying from $100- $150.

Moreover, if an individual request for the name change after 24 hours then they can change only four characters. Furthermore, the name change fee reaches up to dollar 200. Once you pay the fees and follow the whole process the airlines will send you the ticket again. 


Remember that Southwest Airlines may ask for the photo copy of documents that are important for completing the name change process. So, make sure you have all the documents ready with you already. 

This was the whole guide on Name Change with southwest airlines. So, the Flyers who were in need of this detailed guide can now use this information to make the changes in their name in no time.