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How to Book Southwest flights to San Francisco

Last updated on November 11th, 2021 at 11:45 am

Find answers to all your queries related to Southwest flights to San Francisco. Southwest airlines is happy to serve their customers and help them know more about the outstanding airline.

How to book Southwest flights to San Francisco?

Due to the hectic lifestyle we live in modern times we all need vacations to explore new places and re-energize ourselves. Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies and for good reason. Taking a break and visiting new places around the globe can give us time to reflect on things in our life and refresh our minds.

Our most important policy is to make passengers feel comfortable and convenient.

Passengers can easily book their flight from Southwest Flights to San Francisco, either its indirect flight or non-stop by login account details and can easily search on our website to enter your suitable date, time, and preferred departure airport. Feel free to reach us anytime for any queries.

Benefits to choose :

Southwest airlines ensure that passengers get maximum benefits from us. Southwest airlines offer three fares to the passengers, please choose, whatever fits you best. Every passenger will get two bags fly free, no change fees, no cancellation fee in all the categories. Southwest airlines do provide online and offline services to the passengers. Our policy is to make passengers’ needs convenient and easier. Passengers can ask our customer services on call if they want any changes or may do it online.

Business select

Business select gives you an opportunity to earn 12 Rapid Rewards points per dollar. It will also provide you priority boarding gate no. A1-A15, priority check-in lane and fly by security lane. Customers can also choose the seat according to their needs and comforts and select your space for carry-on bags. Southwest airlines have facilities to entertain our passengers throughout the journey such as Live T.V, inflight messaging for all the passengers. Passengers are able to take back their amount if any rescheduling of their plans. We provide complimentary drinks with one-day valid coupon services to the business class passengers 


Anytime attracts passengers to earn 10 Rapid Rewards points per dollar. Southwest airlines also provide you to take the benefits or refunds. If a passenger wants to cancel the flight or wants refunds at the last moment then Southwest airlines also transfer the refunds of your airfare. Grab the opportunity to take the same day change (confirmed) and same day (standby). Passengers can enjoy all the benefits of wanna getaway.

Wanna get away 

Wanna getaway brings passengers to earn 6 rapid rewards points and also flight credits. Passengers can also use these points for their future traveling.

Southwest airline serves in 107 domestic destinations and 15 international destinations in 12 countries.

What is the cheapest month to fly to San Francisco?

The cheapest time to fly to San Francisco is in January. Passengers should avoid traveling in the month of July, as July is the peak time to travel there. January can be considered as one of the best times to visit San Francisco as the weather condition is cool with some showering of some rains. Besides, all the weather conditions in San Francisco included events, game launches, concerts, and shows.

Reasons to visit San Francisco


Different states have different people with different tastes. Food is the typical thing to recognize the country and is very well known for its recognition. San Francisco is well known for its restaurants. Some cuisines are famous for their own qualities like abalone, Dungeness crab, sand dabs, bay shrimp, and crusty sourdough French bread. Bon appetit in San Francisco has got the title “ the best food city in the country” in august 18, 2015, and was listed on the top 10 of the list in America’s best restaurants

Places to visit and thing to do in San francisco

To explore and learn new things, San Francisco is considered to be a beautiful city in the United States with the sparkle of Northern California. This city is known for its history, parks, beaches, entertainment options and is engulfed with things to do.

Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf are some of the famous places to visit.

Chinatown and the Golden gate bridge are the topmost priority on the list to explore and most preferably photographed sites to visit. Hire a bike or cab to explore the beauty of the golden gate bridge, many localities do that. Any traveler can hire a boat to roam Alcatraz Island to take the open and nice views.

Tradition and culture

Every country has its own traditions and cultures and with this people get to know more about the country. Each country has its own past and history but San Francisco in terms of music, arts, festivals, architecture is slightly different. San francisco is highly influenced by Mexican tradition because of its highest Hispanic population.

Things to avoid and precautions while travelling in San francisco

Before traveling to any country one should get to know the country, the way of living, things to do, things to avoid, and what precautions one should take while exploring the country, a country known for its architecture., its routes, and safest places to visit. One should be aware of the safety of themselves. Every country has its own rules and laws so everyone should know the rules and should follow them according to laws. Driving is the passion that most people would like to do. People should avoid driving downtown during the time games for the giants. San Francisco is a very safe place to travel but some streets people can make you feel uneasy. 

Does Southwest Airlines fly to San Francisco?

Southwest Airlines serves in many countries and destinations. Here is the list of popular routes to San Francisco. Passengers can take advantage of Southwest airlines by booking through our website for non-stop flights to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and so on. 

What are the safety guidelines prior to coronavirus?

Passengers are requested to read carefully our covid – 19 guidelines before traveling. Southwest Airlines have made changes in their rules and norms in order to protect their customers and employees. We will continue changes to our guidelines as the airlines come to know more. 

  • Southwest airlines do deep cleaning inside and outside, from nose to tail and all the hard surfaces such as armrest, tray tables, belts ,lavatories with a disinfectant spray and that is approved by EPA to kill coronavirus.
  • Southwest airlines gives major attention towards hygiene and cleaning. Every cabin is well protected and sprayed by electrostatic disinfectant and anti-microbial spray treatment.
  • Airlines also provide a face mask to the employees for the protection in order to keep them safe and customers too.
  • Every aircraft endowed with an advanced air distribution system that brings fresh air.
  • Southwest airlines provide hand sanitizers and wipes to all the passengers at time of boarding.
  • Southwest airlines ensure cleaning counters, baggage area, and gates on daily intervals 
  • Please maintain social distancing for safety reasons.

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