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Want to know which airlines provide you with the best journey experience in your budget? If you are planning to travel to Denver with an ultimate comfort experience you should choose Southwest Airlines Denver. Generally, you get comfort according to the amount of money you spend but this is not the case with Southwest Airlines. This is the best airline that is not only pocket-friendly but also brings the joy of happiness by providing exciting offers and deals. 

However, all the cities or countries keep their identification by their own culture, traditions, and history. But if talking about the beautiful city Denver, then it is known for its friendly climate that is why it is the most populous city in the US. Denver, Colorado is also known by the name Mile High City due to its elevation 5280 feet above sea level. Enjoy this beautiful city by instantly making your reservation from Southwest Airlines Denver.

Southwest airlines come to the terminal east at Denver airport. If you are a frequent flyer then you can use the rapid rewards if you have completed 16 credits within 24 months then southwest airlines offer one free round-trip ticket and that is valid for one year. You may board southwest airlines Denver from these popular routes that are listed below:

Popular routesOne WayRound Trip
Dallas To Denver $64 -$68$104-$264
Chicago To Denver $49-$50$49-$243
Houston To Denver $64-$68$119-$385
Austin To Denver $59-$61$119-$313
St. Louis To Denver $64-$68$119-$249

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

 Southwest Airlines From Denver To Populaf Destination

Popular routesOne WayRound Trip
Denver To Kansas City$64-$68$119-$347
Denver To Phoenix $59-$61$89-$347
Denver To San Diego $54-$60$119-$338
Denver To Indianapolis $64-$67$119-$385
Denver To Los Angeles$57-$59$59-$385

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Please find the Details of Denver Airport

Denver international airport is known as DIA, situated in western United States. It is one of the busiest airports in connection with passenger traffic.  

Airport NameDenver International Airport
Address8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249
Code DEN
Phone Number(303) 342-2000  
Distance from Downtown Denver  25 miles

Info About Southwest Airlines Arriving on Which Terminal at Denver Airport Southwest Airlines uses Terminal East at Denver Airport (DEN). Concourse C has 27 Gates: C23–C51. The primary airline at the concourse is Southwest Airlines.

Covid Related Info at Denver Airport 

  • Since May 2020, Face masks are must be worn at Denver international airport by federal law that now requires anyone who is over the age of 2, has to wear a mask at all times. And on airport premises.
  • Passengers who forgot their mask, then can be purchased at a vending machine in the Terminal 
  • Passengers who are fully vaccinated and have been cured within the last 3 months of covid-19, do not need to get tested before departing at the US airport until their destination requires it.
  • RT-PCR test is available at the airport, in case it is required.
  • Practicing social distancing is compulsory to protect from coronavirus.
  • Keep sanitizer with you to prevent covid-19.

Direct Southwest Flights to Denver

People choose direct or indirect flights according to their preferences. So here we are listing some information about direct or nonstop flights to Denver.

Airlines DepartureArrivalFares (Approx.)
SouthwestLouisville Denver$292
SouthwestHouston Denver$240
SouthwestOrlando Denver$357
SouthwestLas Vegas Denver$119
SouthwestDallas Denver$104
SouthwestMiami Denver$89
SouthwestFort Lauderdale Denver$139
SouthwestSan FranciscoDenver$119

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Info On Direct Southwest Flights from Denver 

The main reason to choose direct flights is that it saves your time and you may reach your desirable destination without bothering to change the flights.

 Airlines DepartureArrivalFares (Approx.)
SouthwestDenverChicago $238
SouthwestDenverBoston $308
SouthwestDenverLos Angeles $238
SouthwestDenverOntario $240
SouthwestDenverPhoenix $198
SouthwestDenverSacramento $240
SouthwestDenverBurbank $240
SouthwestDenverSan Antonio $240

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Why chooses Denver?

With its unparalleled natural beauty, Denver provides a strong housing market, necessary lifestyle options. It is the strongest economically sound in the country and award-winning advanced transportation that attracts tourists to this place. There are many places to visit as well as things to do. You may enjoy the nightlife of the city with heavenly food.

Things to do 

Fall and winter in Denver

  • Denver falls events – Experience Denver music and art culture
  • Denver Halloween: mile high haunts – Experience the most horror Halloween events to attend
  • Winter fun and outdoor activities; Experience 4 seasons. Winter is a must enjoyable season as it has skiing on resorts near mountains, parks and many areas.
  • Valentine’s day in Denver: It is the most romantic city in the US.  best place to take a romantic vacation with your loved one.


  • Denver union station – explore historic landmark and transportation hubs
  • Denver 16th street mall – it is the heart of downtown. It is long pedestrian promenade
  • Denver theme and amusement park- experienced the ride of roller coaster and splash 
  • Denver brewery tours – buffet of the peoples who like to dive in the brewery.

People also search for:

  • What is the coldest month in Denver?

January is to be the coldest month with the average temperature 15.2-degree Fahrenheit.

  • What is the best month to visit Colorado?

The best time to visit Denver is June to October, which has warm weather with the best temperature to explore the city.

  • Do Southwest airlines charge extra baggage fees?

Southwest will not charge for the first two checked bags for free but that will not exceed 50 lbs. and 62 inches (L+W+H). 

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