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Travelling is all about enjoying with our loved ones and having a time away from all worries of life. An individual always looks for a destination which is all about fun and relaxing. Furthermore, we want a place which is made for all age groups and allows all individuals to enjoy. Because there are various destinations, sometimes it isn’t easy to choose from them. Also, there are many places around the world, but not all of them are super fun. One of the destinations is which most of the people plan to explore is Detroit. Most people choose Southwest airlines flights from Detroit to make their trip worth remembering. This is because it is a type of destination which is made for all types of travellers. Furthermore, this place has so much to offer to its flyers.

Once one decides the destination, next question that pops up in mind the travellers is about the airline. From a long list of airlines, we want to choose the one which is best for our journey. In addition to providing a comfortable air journey, we want the airline to provide us with the best amenities. One such airline which is known for its unbeatable services is Southwest airlines.

Southwest is an airline which offer flights to and from the magical destination of Detroit. Flyers who are going to catch the flight for this route look for a detailed information on the same. So, if you are one of them, then you are at the right place. Find minute details on Southwest airlines Detroit here and make your journey the best one.

Southwest airlines flights from Detroit ||To and from routes

Some people have to catch flights from Detroit, while some have to catch it to Detroit. So, it is important that individuals have complete information about it. You will find about the routes of southwest flights to and from this destination. Moreover, one can also know all about the fares of these routes too.

Popular routes of Southwest airlines from Detroit

There are some routes which are covered the most by the flyers. So, let’s get to know about the routes to Detroit in addition to their fares.

              ROUTE          ONE WAY FARES           ROUND TRIP
Nashville to Detroit$86-$133$165-$261
Atlanta to Detroit$107-$177$219-$340
Dallas to Detroit$48-$150$117-$246
Denver to Detroit$98-$198$197-$322
Chicago to Detroit$77-$145$165-$539
Phoenix to Detroit$153-$148$297-$351
Houston to Detroit$98-$145$197-$316
  • Popular routes of Southwest airlines from Detroit

Moreover, there are routes from where flights from Detroit to other destination round the world. These are the routes which originates from the destination of Detroit.

              ROUTE          ONE WAY FARES           ROUND TRIP
Detroit to Jacksonville$171-$224$215-$456
Detroit to Houston$127-$249$231-$356
Detroit to los Angeles$170-$207$313-$369
Detroit to Chicago$87-$165$165-$347
Detroit to Sacramento$171-$224$333-$375

About the Detroit airport-

If you catch the Southwest airlines Detroit flights, then you will land at the airport namedDetroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. In general, this airport is called as “Detroit Metro Airport”. Also, this is one of the biggest airports situated in united states of America. Furthermore, this airport is spread in the huge area of about 4850 acres. Moreover, it also provides its services to over 32 million flyers per year.

Address- 11050 W G Rogell Dr 602, Detroit, MI 48242, United States
Contact number- +1 734-247-7678
Facilities available at this airport-

Being one of the busiest airports, it is obvious that there would be so many amazing facilities that flyers receive at this airport. Let’s find out what facilities one can avail when they are at this airport-

  • Various food options

There are various restaurants where one can eat their favourite food. There are many options for fast food here. So, one can decide where to eat as per their choice.

  • Shopping

Furthermore, there are many stores too from where one can shop their favourite things.

  • WIFI

Lastly, how can we not talk about the WIFI services? No matter what each one of us look for WIFI facilities wherever we go. So, how can this airport not have the facility of WIFI. You can use the charge free WIFI services here.

Furthermore, there are various other services too which one gets to enjoy at this airport. Whether you are travelling with an infant or any aged individual, you will not have to face any issues. The other additional services which one gets to enjoy here are the following-

  • ATMs
  • Wheelchair Assistance 
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Information Desk
  • Shoeshine service
  • Play area for children
  • Nursing Room 
  • Vending Machines 
  • Baby care facilities
  • Pet Relief area

Southwest airlines Detroit flights flying non-stop

There are some Southwest airlines Detroit flights which flies directly. There are some of the most covered routes. So, firstly we will get to know about some popular routes to Detroit. The table below will explain all about those routes.  Moreover, you can even know about the fares for the one way or round trip too.

  • About the direct southwest flights to Detroit
Tampa to Detroit$73-$157$129-$206
Phoenix to Detroit$149-$167$309-$327
Baltimore to Detroit$76-$197$143-$268
Atlanta to Detroit$117-$175$219-$280
  • About the direct southwest flights from Detroit

Furthermore, there are some direct flights from Detroit that southwest airline offers. Some of the most covered routes are given in the table below. In addition to the routes, one can even know about the fares too.

Detroit to Florida$98-$155$172-$229
Detroit to Cancun$172-$295$$322-$448
Detroit to Orlando$98-$155$172-$229

Which terminal is used for arrival of Southwest flights?
Southwest airlines has a terminal allotted to it. So, whether the southwest flight arrives at this airport or depart from this airport, it uses the same terminal. This airline uses Terminal N- North. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that in some cases there can be a change in the terminal. So, make sure you confirm the terminal at all times.

What is it like to travel via southwest flights in covid times?
This is one of the questions that pops up in the mind of all travellers. This is because all of us prioritise our health even more now. No matter what the reason of travelling is, we want it to be very safe. Especially after the spread of corona virus, people make sure that the airline they choose keep in mind the safety of all its individuals.

To ensure the safety of all the flyers, southwest airlines has changed a lot of its ways and procedures. Important safety measures are kept in mind at the time of arrival and departure. So, individuals who catch Southwest airlines Detroit flights, there safety is considered as priority. To know about these measures in details, go through the points given below-

  • Firstly, to kill the virus, this airline uses electrostatic disinfectant and an anti-microbial spray. These things are applied on every surface. Use of these things makes a shield which lasts for over a month.
  • Furthermore, use of hand sanitizer by all the flyers, crew members and other staff persons is compulsory. Both hand sanitizer and wipes are there for the flyers at the airport.
  • Moreover, one has to wear the mask at all times. One can remove the mask only at the time of eating.
  • Also, every aircraft of southwest airline has an air distribution system which works in providing fresh air.
  • Moreover, use of HEPA filters is done. This filter is known to remove any virus or germ.
  • Lastly, all the surfaces which are touched again and again are cleaned and sanitized after some interval or time. Cleaning of ticket counters, gates, baggage claim areas.

About the surreal destination of Detroit-

Detroit is a destination which is found in the bucket list of most flyers. Before we decide to visit any destination, we look for the things which we can do there. So, find out what all things you can do when you reach this destination-

  • Visit the guardian building

Firstly, one of the things which no traveller should miss is the guardian building. If you are the one who have keen interest in beautiful architecture fan, then this is the place for you. The interior of this building leaves all its visitors awe-struck. So, make sure to explore this place at this destination.

  • Fox theatre

Furthermore, this fox theatre will make your trip the most memorable one. Some of the most famous artists perform at this theatre. In addition to enjoying the best concerts and shows here, you will witness the best interior work. Many people visit this theatre because they do not want to miss its interior. The walls of this theatre have gold leaf plastered in it. And it also has various colourful paintings too.

  • Motown museum

Moreover, one needs to visit is this museum. This is because this is not any ordinary museum. It is known for producing the best music from the year 1959 to 1972. Now, this building is turned into a museum. Also, travellers can now witness various instruments which were used for making music. Furthermore, there are various other things too in display now like the costumes.

  • Satisfy your taste buds

Lastly, when you are at this destination, one must not miss trying out various delicious food. Detroit has some of the best restaurants where one can enjoy the yummiest food. Some of the restaurants where one should go and enjoy their meals are the following-

  • Dangerously Delicious
  • Bucharest grill
  • Buddy’s pizzeria
  • Dime store
  • Brooklyn street local
  • Selden standard
  • Craft work
  • Roast
  • Mudgies
  • Wright and Company

These are the things which one should not miss when in the surreal destination of Detroit.


  • How can I book the cheapest southwest flight to Detroit?

One can make the booking for the cheapest flight by using the low fare calendar. Furthermore, there are various other offers which this airline provides to its flyers. One can get to know about them through the official site of southwest airlines.

  • How many terminals are there at the Detroit airport? Also, are there sleeping facilities at this airport?

There are two terminals at this airport. Also, one gets sleeping facilities at this airport.

  • Are there any services at the airport which are now suspended due to corona virus?

You might find some services which operate for less hours now. But one gets to enjoy all services even at this time.

  • What is the cheapest month to visit Detroit?

If you are planning to visit this destination, then June is the month when you should make the bookings for. Furthermore, one should make the bookings at least two weeks in advance. This is because when can then make the reservations at cheapest prices.

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