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Travelling is a thing which all of us rely on for getting rid of all worries. There are many destinations which one can choose to plan their trip to. But there are some destinations which one want to visit at least once in their life time. One such destination is Miami. All of us have heard so much about this destination. Once we are done choosing the destination, why would anyone want to make the whole air journey troublesome? So, southwest airline is there to make our journey hassle free. Hence, southwest airlines Miami flights is the most reliable option for all the flyers all across the world.

Furthermore, people tend to get very confused when they have to finalize one destination. This is because they can’t decide which destination is worth it. But when we talk about Miami, all of us know what a magical destination this is. One can spend the best time at this destination with their loved ones.

Through all the information here, one will get to know all about this destination, airport and much more.  Also, one can use all this information to make their trip much more fun and memorable.

About Southwest airlines Miami flights

Because Southwest airlines is a trusted and reliable airline, so people choose it for all their air journeys. Moreover, this is an airline which offer flights to various destinations. So, no matter which destination you wish to fly to, one can do it with ease. Though this airline offers flights to various destinations, but some of them are travelled the most by the flyers. So, through the information given here, you will get to know about such popular routes.

Popular routes of Southwest airlines to Miami

               ROUTES     ONE WAY FARES        ROUND TRIP FARES
Chicago To Miami        $40-$78$79-$118
Nashville To Miami        $83-$219$132-$237
Dallas To Miami        $44-$107$88-$176
Atlanta To Miami        $21-$157$41-$154
New Orleans to Miami        $118-$395$167-$447
Indianapolis To Miami        $49-$112$97-$162

Popular routes of Southwest airlines From Miami

Furthermore, there are some additional popular routes from Miami. So, one can know about those routes too from the table here.

               ROUTES        ONE WAY FARES          ROUND TRIP FARES
From Miami to Las Vegas$67-$510$131-$341
From Miami to Orlando$34-$499$83-$552
From Miami to Tampa$49-$350$97-$931
From Miami to BWI$76-$318$151-$373
From Miami to Houston$49-$359$98-$350

About the airport of Miami

The name of the airport of Miami is “Miami international airport”. Furthermore, it is also known or called as MIA. Moreover, there is another name of this airport. So, the historic name of this airport is Wilcox Field. The main area which this airport serves is Miami, Florida and United states. Also, both international and domestic destinations are served by this airport. The number of terminals at this airport are three. There are North, central and south terminal at this airport. Furthermore, here are some of the most important information of Miami airport.

  • Address- 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126, United States
  • Contact information- +1 305-876-7000
  • Code- MIA
  • Opened on- 1928  

Furthermore, one receives various facilities too when they are at this airport. So, prior knowledge of this thing can prove very beneficial to all the flyers. So, People who want to catch Southwest airlines Miami flights, they can enjoy all the facilities given below at the Miami international airport.

Facilities available at this airport-

Airport of Miami is equipped with a lot of facilities. There are a lot of facilities that an individual enjoys at this airport. From various restaurants to ATM’S, there are endless number of facilities that an individual enjoys. So, lets get to know about the facilities present at this airport.

  • Food and Dining

Firstly, one can get to enjoy various cuisines. There are a variety of snacks and other fast-food options that one can eat. Furthermore, there are top hotels which are there at this airport. Also, these are not the normal restaurants because these are the ones which offer amazing views. Moreover, one can enjoy all their meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Animal Relief Areas

Moreover, there are animal relief areas too at this airport. Also, there are both outdoor and indoor relief areas.

  • ATMs

Next in the queue are the ATMS at this airport. So, one can never find themselves short of cash.

  • Spa services

Furthermore, there are spa services too at this airport. So, one can enjoy these facilities and relax themselves.

In addition to this, there are some other services too which one enjoy at this airport-

  • Currency exchange,
  • Wi-Fi
  • Translation services
  • Shopping stores
  • Lounges

About southwest airlines arriving on which terminal at Miami airport

So, if you catch Southwest airlines Miami flights, you will have to use the Terminal C–Central.

About Non-stop Southwest airlines flights to Miami

Southwest is a reliable airline and is known for offering flights to various destinations. As all of us are aware that there are connecting and direct or non-stop flights. Also, some passengers look for the direct flights to their destination. So, if you are one of them, you can find information on it here.

  • About the direct southwest flights to Miami
BWI to Miami$35-$179$84-$137
London to Miami$819-$2296$3000-$3051
  • About the direct southwest flights from Miami

Moreover, southwest airlines offer many direct flights from Miami to other destinations. So, the flyers in Miami look for direct flights to some specific destinations. Also, the table below will help you know about the fares that one has to pay for both one-way or round trip. So, Let’s find out about some direct routes from Miami and their fares too.

Miami to Hawaii$261-$431$672-$850
Miami to Florida$34-$389$83-$552

Updated information on Covid if you catch Southwest airlines Miami flights

Because southwest airlines make sure that none of its flyers have to face any health-related issues at these times, so all the precautions are taken. So, One can always rely on this airline for risk free air travels. To know about the steps that this airline takes at both arrival and departure, go through the points below-

  • Firstly, no one is eligible for travelling without wearing a mask. So, if any individual does it, they need to pay a penalty. Furthermore, a strict action can be taken against them.
  • Secondly, there are sanitizers which one can use. Also, sanitization of most touched areas is done time to time. These areas are doors, handles etc.
  • Furthermore, use of HEPA filters is done. This is because use of these filters allows to put a halt to the spread of any virus.
  • Moreover, there are air distribution system too. These systems allows an exchange of air. So, one can breathe in the fresh air at all times during their flight.
  • Also, the temperature screening of all the flyers is done. No individual can miss this step.

Things to do in Miami-

There are various things which one can do in Miami. This is one of the must visit destinations because one gets to spend time in Heaven. Miami is one of the heavenly or magical places which one should not miss at any cost. There are so many things, places or activities which one can enjoy here. Let’s get to know about some of those things here-

  • Enjoy and relax at the Miami beach

Beaches are the place where can do both i.e., relax and have fun. So, make sure you do not miss this place. Go ahead to visit this beach as this is one of the prime locations of this destination. Furthermore, this is not just an ordinary beach. If you are a party animal or looking to enjoy the night life of this place, then this is the place you need to spend time here.

  • Little Havana

Little Havana is the one which one should not miss. You need to visit this place if you are wanting to try yummy food items. So, basically this is the place for all the foodies. Furthermore, this is the place which has the liveliest vibes. So, visiting this place will definitely make your trip much more fun.

  • Crandon Park

Are you the one who is fond of taking part in various sports or activities? If yes, this is the place for you. An individual can get to take part in tennis, golf etc at this place. Also, this park has its own beach, pools, playgrounds and much more. So, adding this place to your itinerary is a must. 

  • Bayside marketplace

Moreover, this is another one in the list which one should not miss. Bayside market is a place which is for all the shopaholics. An individual can buy the souvenirs and many more other things too which one need. So, if you can go on a shopping spree at this place. Furthermore, get ready to satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the best food here. This is because there are over 150 eateries where one can enjoy their food.

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  • What is the best time to visit Miami?

The best time to visit Miami is August. So, if you want to save a handsome amount of money on your air travel, this is the best month. Furthermore, make your bookings at least one week in advance to book at affordable rates.

  • Is southwest airline a safe option for air journey in corona times?

Southwest is an airline which is taking all the important steps to ensure the safety of its flyers. SO, one can rely on it at all times.

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