Have you been to St. Louis? Looking for a cheap flight to travel? Experience your journey with Southwest Airlines St. Louis. Southwest Airlines is very cheap than any other popular airline. It is the only large U.S airline that has low-cost carrier services. Southwest airlines are expanding its business model and continuously improving it. If you are planning to visit St. Louis then make your booking instantly through Southwest Airlines St. Louis.

St. Louis is a high-spirited metropolis in the province of the USA. It is known as the “Gateway to the West”. This vibrant city is famous for its blues music scene, fiercely loyal sports fans, and its iconic Gateway Arch. So, experience your ultimate trip with southwest airlines St. Louis.

Southwest Airlines St. Louis Flights from Popular Cities

Here are some popular routes with estimated fares of one way and round trips to which Southwest airlines fly from popular cities to St. Louis:

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
Omaha to St. Louis $78-$80$166-$239
Dallas to St. Louis $100-$102$197-$247
Oakland to St. Louis $135-$137$209-$437
Denver to St. Louis $64-$66$119-$432
Las Vegas to St. Louis $178-$423$281-$347
Los Angeles to St. Louis $131-$213$122-$432

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

 Southwest Airlines from St. Louis to Popular Destination

Here are some popular routes with estimated fares of one way and round trip to which Southwest airlines fly from St. Louis to popular cities:

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
St. Louis to Chicago $78-$80$149-$158
St. Louis to Fort Lauderdale $119-$121$169-$290
St. Louis to San Diego $148-$150$338-$347
St. Louis to Phoenix $119-$121$281-$304
St. Louis to Fort Myers$99-$100$228-$318
St. Louis to Seattle $108-$110$271-$285

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Please find the Details of St. Louis Airport

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is an international airport at Missouri, using metropolitan St. Louis, United States. It is the busiest airport in Missouri, U.S. It is also known by Lambert field or Lambert.

Airport NameSt. Louis Lambert International Airport
Address10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63145, United States
Code STL
Phone Number+1 314-890-1333

Info About Southwest Airlines Arriving on Which Terminal at St. Louis Airport 

Southwest Airlines uses terminal 2 at St. Louis airport, Missouri, United states. Southwest Airlines is the most dominant carrier, accounting for 59% of the airport’s annual passenger traffic.

Covid Related Info at St. Louis Airport 

March 2020, has changed everything. Every airport has guidelines to follow by the passengers. For your convenience, we are providing some guidelines related to covid-19.

  • If you are feeling ill then avoid traveling and follow social distancing in the airport.
  • Face covering is strictly required for everyone.
  • Passengers can obtain complimentary face masks at the information booth or southwest ticket agent at terminal 2. 
  • Additionally, it is requested that all the passengers frequently use hand sanitizers to protect from infections. 

Direct Southwest Flights to St. Louis

There is a famous proverb that “Time is Money”. So, the people who are always in a hurry and want to rush for any purpose like business, deals, meetings and so, choose direct flights.

Airlines DepartureArrivalFares (Approx.)
Southwest Chicago St. Louis $149
Southwest Orlando St. Louis $228
Southwest San Diego St. Louis $338
Southwest San Jose St. Louis $209
Southwest Philadelphia St. Louis $228
Southwest Miami St. Louis $89
Southwest Fort Lauderdale St. Louis $169
Southwest Orange county St. Louis $247

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Direct Southwest Flights from St. Louis 

Airlines DepartureArrivalFares (Approx.)
Southwest St. LouisSeattle $271
Southwest St. LouisSan Diego $376
Southwest St. LouisOakland $209
Southwest St. LouisLas Vegas $281
Southwest St. LouisLong beach $249
Southwest St. LouisPittsburgh $187
Southwest St. LouisBaltimore $198
Southwest St. LouisWashington (Reagan National)$187

Note: This is the estimated flight fare details as fares may fluctuate according to Date and Time.

Reasons to roam in St. Louis

St. Louis is the only vibrant and heartland of the US but also has a wide range of music, museum, fine dining, and theatre.

  • St. Louis Has the World’s, Tallest Arch,
  • There Are Tons of Free Things to Do in St. Louis,
  • You Can Visit America’s #1 Zoo,
  • Forest Park is an Urban Oasis,
  • You’ll Have Lots of Sporting Events to Choose From,
  • Tons of Fun for Families and Kids,
  • There’s No Shortage of Delicious Food to Eat.

Things to do 

Do you know? St. Louis is the best place to visit and that is filled with lots of free things to do. And it’s amazing, right? It’s crazy that you will find free things to do as compared to other cities.

Tons of free things to do with family and friends.

  • Grant’s Farm
  • City Museum (Super cool! One of my favorite places in the city)
  • The Magic House
  • The Butterfly House 
  • The St. Louis Science Center
  • Six Flags St. Louis
  • Critter Lane Petting Zoo
  • City garden Sculpture Park
  • Missouri Botanical Garden

Top Ten best restaurants of the city

  • Bogart’s Smokehouse
  • Pi Pizzeria
  • Snarf’s MX Downtown
  • Sauce on the Side
  • Guido’s Pizzeria and Tapas
  • Blues City Deli

People also search for:

  • How many gates does Southwest have in St Louis?

Nearly 15.9 million passengers traveled in 2019 using Louis Lambert International Airport (STL). There is only one terminal for Southwest Airlines St. Louis. There are approx. 17 gates of arrival and departure.

  • What are the charges for overweight luggage?

Overweight luggage charges can be far more expensive than base charges for checked luggage. There are set prices for overweight baggage in every airline. You have to pay extra for overweight luggage.

  • What is the actual weight of your carry-on bag?

Carry-on bags should be less than 35 pounds and should be less than 10 inches deep,24 inches high, and 16 inches wide.

  • Is downtown St. Louis 2020 Safe?

Generally, Downtown St Louis is safe compared to other parts of the city. As long as you stay in well-lit areas, stay alert of your surroundings, don’t be a jerk, and trust your senses, you will be fine.

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